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What we do

As one of the leading integrated service providers for wholesale and retail in the healthcare sector, McKesson Europe offers innovative and efficient healthcare services. Both for end customers in pharmacies and as a reliable partner for pharmacies and manufacturers. Through our pharmacies and network of logistics centres we reach approximately 15 million patients every day.

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McKesson Europe is one of the largest pharmacy operators in Europe. Every day, we serve over 2 million customers – at about 2,300 McKesson-owned pharmacies and at over 7,000 participants in the brand partnership schemes.

Our aim is to help our customers and pharmacies’ customers gain a more positive attitude towards life and increase their quality of life through our product range and innovative, efficient healthcare services.

Patients and consumers receive expert, reliable health advice through our pharmacies and cooperation partners. To ensure we can continue to offer this in the future, we place great value on regular and structured training for our pharmacists and pharmaceutical technicians.

In addition to deepening pharmaceutical knowledge, training sessions focus on issues such as advising customers, communication skills and organisation in the work place. Parallel to our services, our special customer loyalty programmes also enable us to retain customers. The expansion of the European Pharmacy Network (EPN) to include key categories "skin care" and "pain control" is making an additional impact.

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McKesson Europe supplies supplies more than 50,000 pharmacies and hospitals every day with more than 100,000 pharmaceutical products in ten European countries via its 118 wholesale branches.

As one of the leading suppliers of pharmaceuticals, we provide pharmacists with the key products they need for their business. Moreover, we offer additional services which benefit both our own organisation as well as that of our pharmacy cooperation programmes in Germany, France, Belgium and Norway. Within the framework of these cooperation programmes, we also support our business partners with offers and campaigns and provide IT platforms to facilitate the exchange of information.

Our aim is to help our customers and pharmacies’ customers gain a more positive attitude towards life and increase their quality of life through our product range and services. To ensure this, we are strengthening the role of the pharmacies as pharmaceutically competent healthcare advisers for patients and consumers and as a service provider for the healthcare system.

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McKesson Europe has been working in partnership with the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry for nearly two centuries. We know that the healthcare market is a very complex field with multiple stakeholders along the value chain. With our guiding principles we are geared towards serving the health of patients. For us this means bringing your products to the pharmacies, ensuring pharmaceutical experience within our pharmacy network as well as flawless and timely distribution.

We meet patient needs in an individual, customized manner. We therefore establish the appropriate services and think outside the box. By listening to you and your objectives we can provide you with solutions and services to engage with your most important customer groups: patients and pharmacists. We believe in challenging the norms and reinventing the way things are done for the benefit of all stakeholders.

As one of the leading integrated international wholesale and retail service providers in the healthcare sector, McKesson Europe has the knowledge, experience and expertise to support your business wherever you need it. We know that you have to overcome ever increasing challenges and obstacles in the healthcare market. We therefore see ourselves as your partner to overcome them by working as one team and smoothing the path to your patients.

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