View into the exhibition: Lockwitztal pharmacy

Exhibition on Pharmacy History

Since our subsidiary, GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH, opened its new branch in Dresden in 1991 it has been home to a permanent exhibition on pharmacy history.

A range of exhibits and documents create a vivid picture for visitors of the methods used by pharmacists during the 19th Century and how they were trained. The exhibition also covers the development of pharmaceutical wholesale at the Dresden economic centre since 1835. Visitors are also treated to the history of the GEHE company across 80 square meters.

Right at the heart of the exhibition is a historically valuable little gem: the Dresden Schloß-Lockwitztal pharmacy from 1864. After painstaking restoration work was carried out, the pharmacy today can now be visited as it was in its original condition in the 19th Century. 

GEHE is the only wholesale company in Germany to have this kind of exhibition, which it opens up to the public right on its founding site. Please contact us by telephone if you would like to visit the exhibition:
+49 351.8835-0

GEHE Pharma Handel GmbH
Grenzstrasse 18
01109 Dresden, Germany