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Our business in Italy

Italy is one of the countries in which the EPN concept originated. At the beginning of 2017, more than 77 per cent of the McKesson Europe pharmacies in Italy had been converted to the EPN concept.

At a glance

  • ADMENTA Italia: retail under the brand LloydsFarmacia and wholesale; about 1,200 employees
  • Pharmacy and consumer solutions
  • 2 distribution centres
  • 185 McKesson Europe-operated pharmacies and parapharmacies, in addition 26 Lloyds franchises (February 2017)


Warehouse in Italy

Each and every day ADMENTA Italia distributes, through its logistic platforms, medical products to 2,500 customers, including pharmacies, parapharmacies, drugstores and hospitals. For this purpose, it has two modern distribution centres in Milan and Bologna. The company's head office and administration are located in the province of Bologna, in a newly constructed building, where also the new warehouse is located.

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Italy has a population of more than 59.8 million and in more than 19,000 pharmacies. That means a moderate pharmacy density of 3,100 inhabitants per pharmacy.

In 1999, McKesson Europe took over its first group of pharmacies in Italy. Today, the company operates 168 pharmacies under its own name, 17 parapharmacies and 26 Lloyds franchises, spread throughout the country. Further growth is expected over the next few years.

“LloydsFarmacia offers customers expert advice and a number of carefully selected products. In this way, we want to make them think more positively and feel better.” LloydsFarmacia is run by Admenta Italia, which is a 100-per cent subsidiary and has been a member of McKesson Europe since 1999.

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EPN in Italy

EPN in Italy – from pilot to strategic pillar

Italy is one of the countries in which the EPN concept originated. In December 2012 Admenta Italia started with two pilot pharmacies in Milan and in Bologna.

At the beginning of 2017, more than 77 per cent of the McKesson Europe pharmacies in Italy had been converted to the EPN concept. Five years after the concept was first implemented, it still draws a lot of attention: customers and pharmacists appreciate the unique service features, and this is ultimately reflected in the good sales performance.

The pharmacies offer a lighter and more modern interior, with defined areas for the main categories of skincare and pain treatment as well as healthcare services for customers, which were developed in close collaboration with the most important patients’ associations. These services are promoted with advertising activities and events. Fa&Do (Farmacista & Dolore, i.e. Pharmacist & Pain), for example, has been developed with the support of important suppliers and the University of Parma. Training on the EPN is an important part of the concept.

Implementation of the EPN franchise

Independent pharmacists also recognise the unique nature of the EPN, such that 26 independent pharmacies have already decided to join the LloydsFarmacia group in a franchising scheme.